"The Road Safety Authority is honoured to support Pete St. John's efforts to promote road safety. Pete has managed to use his winning formula for producing classic and memorable songs to create a really catchy melody that gets across the important message not to drink and drive. As the Country Underground Band say in the tune, I hope everyone will stop and listen carefully to the message in the song, Never Drink and Drive, it's wrong"

- Mr. Noel Brett, CEO, Road Safety Authority.

Never Drink and Drive Song Lyrics

Saint Music

THE NEVER DRINK and DRIVE SONG (c) Pete St John/ Saint Music
Copyrighted 27/07/06

Be the one that makes the difference
Be the one that shows the way
Make no alcohol while driving
Your order of the day
Take more time to plan your journey
Driving at a slower pace
Make our roads a joy to travel
Not with dangerous times to face!

Chorus :
Never drink and drive! it's criminal!
Never drink and drive! it's wrong!
If you drink and drive it's crazy!
On the road you don't belong!
Never drink and drive! it's criminal!
Never drink and drive! it's wrong!
I sure hope you'll stop and listen
To the message in my song!


Face the music and just listen
Really let the words sink in
Speed and drink and reckless moments
Are just how its always been
Twisted car wrecks on the highway
Ought to drive the message home
As a driver are you listening
On the road you're not alone!

It's the same the whole world over
Human nature is the same
Every country has its problems
With the drink and driving shame
So its all up front and personal
And it drives the message home
Think about the lives you're saving
And the first could be your own!

- Pete St John

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